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  • February 25, 2017 - INFO1

    AUSKF Summer Camp (August 4-6, 2017)

    REGISTRATION CLOSED!   Dear AUSKF Federation Presidents and Supporters: Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm for all of our AUSKF Education events.  We are receiving great feedback and hope to continue to create programs that are aimed at various sectors of our kendo population in the US. In furtherance of this goal, […]

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  • August 28, 2016 - INFO1

    Team USA Prospects (October 2016)

    Dear Federation Representatives: Team USA will be holding its 3rd Prospects Training Camp to identify and select team members to represent AUSKF at the 17th World Kendo Championships on October 29-30th in Los Angeles, California. Like the previous Training Camps, those kenshi that dream of becoming Team USA members should plan to attend this event, so […]

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  • May 28, 2016 - INFO1

    AUSKF Summer Camp in August 2016

    Dear AUSKF Federation Presidents and Supporters: We are excited to announce that the 2016 AUSKF Summer Camp will be held in Northern California on August 19th (Friday) through August 21st (Sunday).  We will have an exciting program and are expecting special guest senseis to join this camp, whom we will announce soon. Details regarding this […]

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  • March 2, 2016 - INFO1

    Team USA Prospects in May 2016

    Dear Federation Representatives: Thank you for encouraging your young kenshi to attend the 1st Team USA Prospects Training Camp in San Jose, California, last month. We had a great turnout and felt it was a very productive weekend. Moving forward, we will be holding the 2nd Team USA Prospects Training Camp on May 14-15 at […]

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  • January 14, 2016 - INFO1

    2016 March AUSKF Women’s Kendo Seminar

    March 5-6, 2016 in Huntington Beach, CA! 1st AUSKF Women’s Kendo Seminar! The AUSKF Education Committee is excited to announce the first ever AUSKF Women’s Kendo Seminar, to be held on March 5-6 in Huntington Beach, CA. We are hopeful that this event will bring together the girls and women throughout the United States to […]

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  • December 13, 2015 - INFO1

    Team USA Prospects

    Dear AUSKF Regional Federation Leaders: Team USA will be hosting a series of Team USA Prospects Training Camps throughout 2016 to identify and select prospective team members to represent AUSKF in the 17th World Kendo Championships. We are excited to be able to train and prepare the next generation of U.S. kenshi to represent AUSKF. […]

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  • October 14, 2015 - INFO1

    1st AUSKF Adult/Mudansha Kendo Seminar

    Dear AUSKF Kenshi: It is with great excitement that the AUSKF Education Committee announces the first ever AUSKF Adult / Mudansha Kendo Seminar, to be held on January 16-17, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This Seminar will provide tailored instruction and guidance to AUSKF kenshi that first started kendo as an adult (18+ years). Current […]

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  • March 4, 2015 - INFO1

    AUSKF Kendo Kodansha Shinsa

    Dear AUSKF Mermber Federation President, Attached is the information of Kendo Kodansha Shinsa (April 12th, Denver, Colorado), application forms for 5-7 Dan and shogo, written test questions, and answer sheet. Please distribute to your member clubs and members. Sincerely, Shinobu Maeda AUSKF VP Promotion and Examination   2015-04-12 AUSKF Kendo Promotional Exam Info (Colorado) Word […]

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  • January 19, 2015 - INFO1

    2015 AUSKF President New Year Greeting

    Posted by jkodama As the New Year begins, I would like to say a few words about the recent changes at the AUSKF and share with you my vision as your new president. In November the board meeting was held in Chicago where new officers were elected for the 2015-2017 term. Consequently, there are now […]

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  • January 18, 2015 - INFO1

    Kanto Gakuin University Godo Keiko

    Kanto Gakuin University Godo Keiko Date: Sunday, February 8th 2015 Time: 2 pm to 5 pm Location: Silverado Park Gymnasium 1545 W. 31st Street Long Beach, CA 90810 (parking on 32nd Street) Kanto Gakuin University will be visiting the Southern California area, and will be having an open practice. We would like to invite all […]

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