Mentor Program

Did you know that dojos/federations in the AUSKF can request a sensei to be a “mentor” for their kendo/iaido training?  We have many qualified and well-trained instructors in the United States, and we hope to use this Mentor Program to ensure that kenshi throughout the United States can have access to these instructors.

The AUSKF Mentor Program was created to ensure that AUSKF provides quality assistance and support to local dojos and federations that may lack experienced instructors or access or experienced instruction.

A local dojo or federation may request a “Mentor Sensei” to assist such dojo or federation in further developing and improving their level kendo or iaido. The hope is for the local dojo or federation to create a long-lasting bond with this “Mentor Sensei” so that they can work together to improve the quality of kendo/iaido in their respective region.

Process: A dojo or federation that is interesting in having a “Mentor Sensei” must make a written request to the President of the regional (local) federation. The President of the regional (local) federation may then fill out the form below.

Any requested “Mentor Sensei” must be at least 5-dan in kendo/iaido and be a registered member of AUSKF residing in the United States. The President of AUSKF will review all requests for “Mentor Sensei” and will work with each local dojo/federation to select a mentor. Requests for specific individuals will be considered but cannot be guaranteed.

If approved, AUSKF will pay for the reasonable cost of transportation to and from the local dojo/federation. The requesting dojo/federation is responsible for all other costs, including meals, accommodations and local transportation, incurred by the Mentor Sensei.


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