Instructor Mission

Through the AUSKF Instructor Missions Program, AUSKF will provide instructors to conduct seminars or other instructional events at the request of a local dojo or federation.

If approved, the AUSKF will pay 50% of the reasonable cost of transportation to and from the local dojo/federation. The requesting dojo/federation is responsible for all other costs, 50% of transportation to and from the local dojo/federation, meals, accommodations and local transportation, incurred by the AUSKF Instructor.

Process: A dojo or federation must make a written request to the President of the regional (local) federation. The President of the regional (local) federation may then fill out the form below.

AUSKF will work with each local dojo/federation after receipt of each request. Requests should contain a brief description of the population to be served (e.g. beginners, youth, adults etc.), and any specific requests for subject matter to be covered. Requests for specific individuals will be considered but cannot be guaranteed.


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