Team USA Giving Back Program

The members of Team USA are able to train and succeed at the World Kendo Championships due to the overwhelming support and encouragement by all of the kenshi of AUSKF.    We realize that our responsibility as a team member continues even after the World Kendo Championships is over, and that we have an obligation to “give back” to the AUSKF kenshi by passing on what we have learned in our training and experience.

The current and former members of Team USA have developed the “Team USA Giving Back Program.” Members of Team USA will volunteer their time to fly out and offer their services at any kendo-related events hosted by a local dojo or federation.   Specific team members can be requested to teach, practice or demonstrate at any weekend seminars, camps joint practices and /or tournaments.

The format of this program will be open and flexible; time with the members of Team USA can be spent in any way the dojo or federation desires.  If approved by the President of AUSKF, AUSKF will pay for the reasonable cost of transportation for the approved Team USA members to travel to and from the local dojo/federation.  The requesting dojo/federation is responsible for all other costs, including meals, accommodations and local transportation, incurred by Team USA members during their visit.

Process: A dojo or federation that is interesting in having a “Mentor Sensei” must make a written request to the President of the regional (local) federation.   The President of the regional (local) federation may then fill out the form below.

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